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How can my Austin Home Staging help you sell your Austin Texas home faster?

Home Staging is extremely important. Unless you already have a showplace of a house, it is imperative to have an experienced eye like mine to take a look at your home looking for the things that a home-buyer will be looking at and for. Starting from the curb appeal and working my way through the entire house, as a home stager I will assess everything that catches my experienced eye. Together we will go over my findings and the next day I will provide you with a thorough written summary to be used as a to do checklist.

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The way you live in a home and the way you sell it are two different things.

Home Staging picture of a modern staged kitchen.

Today it is simply not enough to just clean your house before listing it.  It is a competitive market out there and your home has to show well, it has show better than all the others that your customers are looking at. It is extremely important that the potential buyer has a great first impression, as you will likely not get that chance to make a second impression.  With my home staging skills I will make sure your home has its best foot put forward. With a critical eye I evaluate the home as a buyer would and will propose to you my recommendations.
Austin Home Stagers are an important component to help you sell your Austin Home.

Home buyers want a move-in ready Manvel Home. Any buyer looking for an Austin Home that is not move-in ready is not looking to pay top dollar, they are looking to buy something at a discounted rate.  To put your best foot forward, Austin Home Staging using a good Austin House Stager is the answer.
As an Austin Texas Home Stager I pay close attention the details.

I can help you sell your Austin TX home faster with my professional home staging services.  Your home needs to shine and be displayed at its most appealing level so that competitively it out shines all those other Austin Texas homes people are looking at in the same price range.

In any real estate market, some homes sell quickly while others languish on the market. Although there are several factors that may cause this to occur, one of the biggest reasons is condition. Updating the interior painting it may not be enough.

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Home buyers can be very emotional when it comes to making a home buying decision, after all it is what they will be calling their home.  It is important to connect with these buyer's emotions by properly implementing good home staging techniques.

Realtor and Home Staging brochures can go on this table.

Home staging techniques like being able to recognize attributes about the home that potential home buyers will identify with like smells and odors and sounds either from the inside or outside are things that you don't commonly think of as a seller. These are all strong emotional factors that a home buyer will be paying attention to that a good home stager has to recognize and be able to work around to help prepare the home for that buyer to be able to make that much needed emotional connection.


Picture of an Austin TX Home Staging Kitchen.


By working with colors, textures, furniture placement, and decorator items to help attract buyers, the end result a is shorter time on the market and a higher selling price.


Home Stagers for Austin Texas homes, picture of a staged bathroom.


Proper Home Staging techniques will warm up your home's appearance making it not feel cold and uninviting.

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Every detail, including kitchens need Home Staging.

"As a professional Austin TX Home Stager I am a seasoned veteran at the art of preparing a home to be sold. I will work with you to make sure your home presents itself in the best possible light that your budget will allow.  And with my aid as a professional home stager, I will work to make sure that the appearance of your house imposes those much needed  positive first impressions upon all those potential homebuyers that take a look at it."

- Paula Hobbs,
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Austin Texas Home Staging Tips from Paula Hobbs

What is Home Staging?
Austin Home Staging simply put is the process of preparing a home for sale. My Home Staging Austin service is not just decorating.  Decorating is personal, Home Staging is not.  With the goal of selling the home faster and for more money, I'll home stage your property in a way to make it appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers.  Home Staging can benefit any property - from small condos to large estates, vacant or occupied.

First Impressions
You only get one first impression!  Most home buyers decide in the first 30 seconds whether a house is right for them.  That is the time a seller has to capture their interest.  House Staging will hugely help maximize the impact of those seconds.

Curb Appeal
You want your buyers to get out of their car and walk into your house.  Curb appeal is VERY important.  Is your landscaping out of control?  Is there anything that's not trimmed or groomed?   Make sure all the landscaping is manicured and groomed.   Move ALL of the children's toys to your backyard to one area, group and consolidate.  Make sure your yard is tidy and clean.

"Clutter eats equity!"  The longer you live in a home the more likely the cluttered it'll become.  You're about to move anyway, so as part of my consultation service I'll help you get a head-start by telling  you what should stay behind to be used for home staging and what should get packed.  "Buyers typically see what's in front them, not how it can be".  Buyers typically can not visualize and you should always prepare for this being the case.  Stage the home the way it can be!

Pack up all collections including personal pictures, they will be a distraction to the buyer, drawing their eye from the desired focal point -the home.  Remember, we want to sell your house, not your personal effects. 

The goal of home staging is to create a space that appeals to a broad range of potential buyers with beautiful yet neutral decor and color.  As soon as the home buyer walks in to the space they begin to mentally "move in" to the home, so it's important that they feel their own style and furnishings could fit right in.  I will neutralize your home's decor to give it the broadest possible appeal to make any buyer feel right at home.

Clean Up
"Detail your house like you would your car!"
Be sensitive to ODORS, because buyers for sure will be!  You can't sell it if one can "Smell It"!

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